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Why List With Us? We'll Give You 5 Great Reasons!

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5 Reasons to List With Us

  1. Not all yacht brokers and brokerages are created equal.
  2. There are Buyers out there and we have the experience, and resources to find them.
  3. Extensive Marketing Experience.
  4. Negotiating and Selling Skills.
  5. Professionalism.

Thinking of selling your yacht? Here is what you want to consider.

At Preferred Yachts, we sell more because we do more to promote your boat and have well trained, full time professional Yacht Brokers. 

Did you know that there are over 3000 licensed yacht brokers and over 900 yacht brokerage companies in Florida alone? 

The majority of yacht brokers work only part-time, lack training, marketing support, don’t have a real office and work out of the back seat of their car. So, how do you select a professional who can properly represent you and your boat, as well as guide you through the pricing, marketing, negotating and closing the sale of your boat? 

Start by asking your potential yacht broker some hard questions. Here are a few…
How long have you had a yacht brokers license? 
How long has your company been in business?
Are you a full-time or part-time broker?
What kind of sale training have you had?
Do you specialize in sailing or power boats?
How many boats similar to mine have you sold?
Do you have an office location?
Do you have an administrative team?

Our brokers are full-time professional yacht brokers, properly trained in ethics, product knowledge, selling and negotiating skill, plus have the support of an experienced administration staff. Our floating office and our Brokerage Display Center is located in one of Florida’s premier marinas that attracts buyers from around the country.

The fact that we do outstanding 360 Degree Virtual Tours of your boat will greatly enhance your boats exposure and shorten the selling cycle.

Preferred Yachts is dedicated to providing you outstanding representation, marketing and commitment to get your boat sold as quick as possible for as much as possible and make the process easy for you.

Give us a call and let’s put a marketing strategy to work for you4

Finding and promoting good listings is the very core of our success in the brokerage business since 1984.
What we list is what we advertise, what we advertise is what generates leads, and what generates leads is what we sell. We will only list what we can sell.

Earning your trust and confidence to market your yacht is a huge responsibility and we take that task seriously. We will work hard to sell your yacht quickly, for the most dollars possible and without any surprises. We will also communicate with you frequently to update you on activity and the market.

Joe Zammataro has spent the majority of his life building, selling and marketing yachts and is an innovator within the yachting industry. His experience as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for 4 major yacht manufactures and the creator and pioneer of the first completely computerized yacht brokerage in the 1980’s enables Joe to understand how to attract attention to your yacht and generate the activity that will result in its sale. He will create a marketing strategy specifically for your yacht that will create interest and generate leads. Our in-house ability to create compelling photography, informative videos and 360 degree Virtual Tours is among some of the best in the brokerage business, all designed to promote and get your Yacht SOLD.

Your yacht will receive maximum exposure through a world-wide approach to marketing, plus we make ourselves available to prospects for your yacht virtually 24 hours a day. Clients are able to reach us almost instantly by clicking a button to call, email or chat with us online while on our website.

Joe Zammataro’s years of teaching selling and negotiating skills to hundreds of salespeople provides our sales team with an excellent skill set to present your yacht effectively and accurately to potential buyers. Our negotiating skills will help you maximize your selling price and minimize closing hassles for you.

As one of a only 100 of the nearly 3000 licensed brokers in Florida to qualify as a Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB), you will be assured of honest and accurate representation and that your interests are always protected. All members of our team are working towards earning the CPYB accreditation. We have worked diligently to help hundreds of our clients buy or sell either power or sailing yachts. Many of our clients have become lifelong friends. We’d like the opportunity to earn that relationship with you.

We Know This Business
5 Keys to Success

  1. List nice yachts at realistic prices.
  2. Market them effectively and honestly.
  3. Follow-up leads aggressively.
  4. Frequently update the owner on activity.
  5. Work tirelessly for YOU.

Guide on How to Sell Your Yacht...

We certainly don’t blame anyone for wanting to avoid the brokerage commission and sell their yachts themselves. If you choose this route, we are willing to assist you anyway we can. If you need advice on pricing or to find someone to fix your engine or repair your sail, just ask and we will recommend companies or individuals to get the job done. We want to earn the opportunity to be your personal yacht broker whether you are selling your current yacht or searching for your next.

When you decide to list your yacht, we highly recommend you find a Certified Professional Yacht Broker. This is a broker that has committed to a higher level of professionalism and has a thorough knowledge of the laws and procedures to successfully guide you through all the proper steps to the closing. Although there are nearly 3000 licensed yacht brokers in Florida, only about 125 have acquired this highest lever of professional certification. Joe Zammataro, owner of Preferred Yachts is proud to be one of those brokers that earned the CPYB initials after his name. We have the ability to market your yacht effectively, represent your yacht accurately, negotiate for the most money possible and do this quickly and with the least amount of hassle for you. We have been successfully selling new and pre-owned yachts since 1978. we are full time sales professionals and have a thorough understanding of all aspects of buying, selling and outfitting yachts.

Finding and promoting good listings is the very core of our success in the brokerage business since 1984.
What we list is what we advertise, what we advertise is what generates leads, and what generates leads is what we sell. We will only list what we can sell.

Earning your trust and confidence to market your yacht is a huge responsibility and we take that task seriously. We will work hard to sell your yacht quickly, for the most dollars possible and without any surprises. We will also communicate with you frequently to update you on activity and the market.

The internet has changed forever how yachts are sold. Quality High Definition Pictures, Videos and Virtual Tours sell yachts. A visually attractive and accurate presentation of your yacht is essential to stimulate contact from potential buyers. We have our own in-house production capabilities to create outstanding Videos, Virtual Tours and photographic presentations of your yacht. We invested in and use the most advanced software and equipment on the market to make certain you yacht looks great.

Prospects like to see quality pictures, videos and virtual tours before investing the time and money to personally inspect a yacht. This is especially true with foreign buyers or buyers outside of Florida. Being able to zoom into greater details in a picture, or use a virtual tour to ‘walk through” your yacht, allows a prospect to better appreciate your yacht and see finer construction details such as laminated door frames and rounded cabinets. Prospects are led to our website from multiple sources like Yachtworld, print advertising, e-mails and direct correspondence. We routinely have purchase offers made subject to visual inspection and a survey based initially just on the photos alone. Every one of these offers resulted in a purchase! This concept works. Can we do it for you too?

Our marina based location is an integral part of our marketing strategy. The easier it is to have clients see your yacht, the faster it will sell. It’s simply a numbers game. The more people that see your yacht, the greater the chance of finding a buyer. Our Preferred Yachts Brokerage Display Center has dozens of yachts for clients to consider and attracts buyers from around the world. It’s like a yacht show everyday. We are located at the beautiful 350 slip Harborage Marina in charming downtown St Petersburg, Florida.

We have discounted slips available at our Preferred Yachts Brokerage Display Center.

Better yet, why not let us do the research for you. We have access to volumes of information. Our research includes reviewing the Buc and NADA values, a search for comparable yachts in YachtWorld and what similar yachts actually sold for, searching popular sailing magazines and a review with our fellow brokers. At that point we review this research with you. As the yacht owner, you have the final say regarding price. Our objective is to advertise your yacht at a price that will get attention quickly, yet yield the full market value to you.

When you add up all the costs of holding your yacht every month, the quicker your yacht sells, the better. The principal and interest payment each month are only part of the expense. Insurance, the slip fee, routine systems maintenance, bottom cleaning, replacement of worn or broken parts and cosmetic maintenance expenses all add up. Plus you must keep a watchful eye on your yacht in times of adverse weather. Yachts are typically a depreciating asset, so they don’t often become more valuable with time. They do just the opposite. If your yacht is priced right and given maximum exposure through marketing and location, holding costs can be cut to a minimum.

How your yacht looks and smells makes a big difference. We have all purchased houses or yachts in our past. Try and remember the impact of the first impression. Clutter and a strong “yacht” smell can be the kiss of death in showing yachts. When you put your yacht up for sale, that is the time to strip the interior of as many of your personal items as possible. Get rid of any food and galley items. Go through every locker, drawer and bin. Empty as many of them as possible. Scrub every inch of the interior and get rid of any mildew. Vacuum all cushions and berths. Make sure the holding tank is pumped dry; scrub the bilge and engine area, especially around the edges of floorboards. All items that are left onboard should be neatly organized and put away. The topsides and hull should be scrubbed and waxed, sails neatly flaked and the stainless steel polished. Exterior teak should be cleaned and treated. Remove excess lines, fenders and any non-essential items in cockpit lockers. Try to make your yacht as “yacht show” presentable as possible. If you don’t have the time to properly prepare your yacht to be shown we can help by referring cleaning and detailing teams directly to you. Remember, your yacht will only have one opportunity to make a good first impression.

All the pieces are in place at this point. Your yacht is being marketed, is easy to show, is clean inside and out and priced appropriately. I, along with the entire Preferred Yacht Sales team and other brokers will begin showing your yacht. I will monitor the “traffic” your yacht receives on YachtWorld and my website, quickly telling me where your yacht stands. We will keep you advised of activity and any comments or suggestions that were made about your yacht.

We will present each offer to you and confirm that the appropriate earnest money deposit has been taken. We will discuss any conditions of the sale with you, their possible impact on the sale and assist you in the acceptance or counter offer. Sometimes offers and counter offers span a period of several days. Our job is to remove the stress from the sales process as much as possible.

We communicate on your behalf with the purchaser’s broker. We help you formulate the sales strategy that should result in a final sale. However, the sale of your yacht is not always successful as a result of the first offer, sometimes it takes several offers and substantial negotiations. As your listing broker, we will be there for you from the beginning to the final sale.

After there is an acceptance of offer a sea trial and survey will be scheduled. Those dates are usually noted in the offer to purchase. We will represent you during the sea trial and survey. Sometimes owners are present during the sea trial and survey, but not too often. Let us be the buffer and help make arrangements during this period. Your obligation is to make sure the yacht is sea worthy and available. The purchaser is responsible for the cost of the survey and the haul out. Your only cost would be for a captain to run your yacht should a captain be necessary.

At the completion of the sea trial and survey the purchaser usually has up to three days to indicate his acceptance of the vessel. This is done by the purchaser signing an Acceptance of Vessel form. Any contingencies to the Acceptance of Vessel are to be noted on the form. This is not unusual and you should expect some last minute items to be corrected or a slight final price adjustment based on the survey report, we will assist you in this final negotiation. After both you and the purchaser agree to the Acceptance of Vessel terms a closing date is set.

We use Yachtcloser, which is a innovative way to quickly and easily send, sign and organize all the documents necessary for listing, buying or selling a yacht. By simplifying the legal process, it make aspects easy, Our Closing Coordinator becomes an important part of the process at this point. The Closing Coordinator creates a closing statement that all parties agree to. She works closely with your bank or lender to make sure the correct funds are available for payoff and helps secure satisfaction of mortgage if you have an existing loan on your yacht. She also collects funds or works with other brokerage companies if there is an outside broker involved. You are kept informed at all times and will receive updates as the closing progresses. Again! Let her do all the leg work and preparation of the appropriate documents. We want the sale of your yacht to be as stress-free as possible for you.

When all funds are collected, closing statements and all necessary documents are signed, liens released and free and clear title established, we convey ownership to the new owner of your yacht. You receive your owner proceeds and enjoy the second happiest day of yacht ownership.

Q. Do brokers need a license to sell my yacht?
A. Yes, all brokers in the State of Florida must be licensed and bonded, similar to the real estate industry.

Q. Where is the deposit money kept?
A. All money is deposited into the Preferred Yachts escrow account where it must remain until applied to the sale or refunded to buyer. Preferred Yachts is accountable to the State of Florida for all monies in their escrow account.

Q. May I use my yacht occasionally while it is listed?
A. Yes, please communicate with your Preferred Yachts listing broker. Also your yacht should be cleaned after each use and put back in ideal showing condition. If your yacht is being kept in a Harborage Marina Brokerage slip, which is at a discounted rate, you are limited in your use.

Q. What additional expenses do you incur during the sale?
A. All normal holding and maintenance cost continue to be your responsibility during the period your yacht is for sale. You will be responsible for captain’s fees if you cannot handle the yacht during the sea trial and survey.

Q. What is the length of the listing agreement?
A. Six months. You may cancel your listing with Preferred Yachts at any time with a written 30-day notice.

Q. Am I particular about what I list?
A. ABSOLUTELY!! I am very selective on what I list and prefer to have a few quality listings that are properly priced and in proper condition, rather than listing everything afloat. A yacht must be clean and able to withstand the scrutiny that my published high resolution photos will allow. Working strictly on commission, it only makes sense for me to focus my energy on listing yachts that I’m confident will sell. I assure you that if you entrust me with your listing, I will concentrate my efforts on successfully selling your yacht.

Q. How do I start listing my yacht?
A. Call or Email Joe Zammataro – (727) 527-2800 –

The Preferred Yachts Difference

We are full time professional yacht brokers, with a real office, in a real marina with real listings and a sincere passion to help our clients realize their boating dreams. Preferred Yachts is committed to the highest level of ethical, professional and knowledgeable representation for our clients.

Our Team is Awesome at Listings and Sales

Our membership in The IYBA s your assurance of professional and ethical representation as well as fair and standardized Listing and Selling Agreements. Through IYBA, We have a cooperative relationship with the best brokers in the business in order to find a buyer for your yacht or to find your next one.

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